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Imagine waking up excited for the day ahead.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop overthinking everything and trust your intuition?

How about if we could cultivate a more resilient spirit when life throws us something totally unexpected?

What if we could create from a place of complete energetic alignment and flow?

What if we  ACTUALLY welcomed change instead of resisting it?

AND had tons of fun along the way…


You can have all this and more... "FOLLOW YOUR FUN" IS YOUR NEXT STEP

Each new day is an opportunity to create all over the blank canvas of your life. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU DON”T QUIT YOUR DAYDREAMS AND AWLAYS FOLLOW YOUR FUN.

Join me, Meegan Gibson, for a 3 week, experiential program like none other.

We’ll dive deep into laying the foundation to create a successful mindset, crafting an abundant life from a place of energetic alignment and flow as well as learn how to walk through fear and identify then, re-wire old limiting belief systems.

I am so EXCITED to work with YOU!

“Meegan, I can’t thank you enough for your exceptional coaching!!!  I have suffered from Depression for my entire life (55 years!)  and since working with you I have identified and embraced my passion (of singing).  You have shifted my perspective on my life from melancholy to enthusiastic.  There are no words that capture the profound healing that has generated in my heart and soul.  I have been to countless psychotherapists, tried every medication out there, and none of it comes remotely close to the change your unique, loving, insightful guidance has offered me.  You have also taught me that I can bet on myself and KNOW that if there is something which calls me I CAN and WILL succeed with it.  You are a brilliant light and I am beyond grateful.”

Elizabeth P.

“In the past I’ve never quite mastered the art of a disciplined, regular meditation schedule. I’d remember to meditate for a day or two and then be distracted by life, waking up in job mode, going to bed exhausted after a long day. I lived with little introspection. Over the past few months, with Meegan’s help, I’ve learned to take a few minutes every morning and every evening to slow down, sit down, close my eyes and travel inside. It’s now something I look forward to and can’t imagine living without. Meegan has coached me through various kriyas with unwavering warmth, support, and insight. I’m forever in her debt, and will forever be her student and admirer.”

Keith C.



Over the three weeks that we’re together you will receive three emails right into your in box with the weeks instructions + implementation processes.

I will be available through the Follow Your Fun- FB group to answer questions and support you… together we will address anything that comes up for you during the 3 week program.

  • Setting up a sacred space
  • How to begin a meditation practice
  • You will receive a new meditation each Monday within the video
  • Processes and practices for identifying & shifting limiting beliefs + how to break unhealthy patterns & cycles stuck on repeat
  • We will reprogram the mind through creative, fun, inspiring practices.
  • We’ll tap into our inner child and pull out the playful, imaginative places in our hearts that were more recognizable when we were children
  • Daily activities you can do with your children, families, friends, and significant others to reconnect and disconnect from technology for a few!
  • Learn how identify patterns of self-sabotage and stop them once and for all to finally have the life you deserve!
  • You’ll learn how to get clear with what you want, claim it, and create a plan to get there.
  • You will learn what to do and how to get through when you bump up against fear and resistance in your life.
  • All while having a total and complete blast! It’s through following our fun that we learn to ride the waves of our passion while they lead us into our full and highest human potential.



Because I love you so much, you’re going to receive so many extra special bonuses when you sign up for Follow Your Fun!

All access to our private FB group where all the action goes down. Here, you’ll meet your soul siblings and connect with a community of like minded next-level, amazing people. This is a supportive, loving, safe & sacred container.

Free crystal bowl sound healing meditation when you click Hell YES, I’m in! (This you receive right away to your inbox).

You get extra BONUS content through the FYF-FB group. You’ll wanna be on these live calls but just in case you miss them they’re available through the group FYF-FB page. The content you receive is specifically tailored to the energy of the group.

Also, when you sign up you’ll have access to this amazing content for life. You can choose to go back and revisit any week or any bonus live content in the FYF-FB group for a little extra pick me up when you feel you need it.



I’m Meegan, the proud founder of Sunshine Holistic Wellness and creator of The Follow Your Fun Program. I am a certified Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Breath teacher as well as a holistic nutritionist and Wellness Coach.

The most powerful transformation I have experienced in my own life, through doing the very techniques and processes I am going to share with you (in Follow Your Fun) are commitment to myself and being able to ALWAYS show up for me with a high level of commitment. I don’t quit my dreams anymore.

Now, I dream, I make a plan and I implement that plan into daily inspired, aligned action. I have found this to be a winning combination.

And I’m going to teach you the exact processes in FYF.

These were areas I struggled with for years. I always had great ideas, dreams- but I lacked the commitment and consistency to see them all the way through so there were many areas of my life left open, unfinished and essentially stuck in the dream phase.

NOW, I follow my fun and live in alignment with my truth in every moment (it’s an all day, everyday, spiritual practice). I have given myself permission to finally be me and it’s the most amazing, liberating, feeling of freedom I’ve ever felt and that’s why I NEED to share it with you! I want you to feel AMAZING too!!!

Until we meet again remember: Anything is Possible so dont quit your daydreams and ALWAYS Follow Your Fun!

Love + Peace + Sunshine






Have Questions? I Have Answers!

I’m super busy what if I can’t do the program now?

No worries, once you purchase the FYF program you’ll have lifetime access to the material.

I’ve never taken a digital course before, do I need technical skills?

Not to worry sunshine, you will have all the instructions delivered directly into your inbox and its as simple as opening an email. Nothing more.
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