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Imagine waking up excited for the day ahead.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop overthinking everything and trust your intuition?

How about if we could cultivate a more resilient spirit when life throws us something totally unexpected?

What if we could create from a place of complete energetic alignment and flow?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to fully love and accept all aspects of yourself?

What if we  ACTUALLY welcomed change instead of resisting it?

AND had tons of fun along the way…

You can have all this and more... "FOLLOW YOUR FUN" is your next step.

Each new day is an opportunity to create all over the blank canvas of your life. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU DON”T QUIT YOUR DAYDREAMS AND AWLAYS FOLLOW YOUR FUN.

Join me, Meegan Gibson, for an experiential course with a brand-new module 4 that we will be recoding live in our next group.

In weeks 1-3 We’ll dive deep into laying the foundation to create a successful mindset, crafting an abundant life from a place of energetic alignment and flow as well as learn how to walk through fear and identify then, re-wire old limiting belief systems.

I am so EXCITED to work with YOU!

“Meegan, I can’t thank you enough for your exceptional coaching!!!  I have suffered from Depression for my entire life (55 years!)  and since working with you I have identified and embraced my passion (of singing).  You have shifted my perspective on my life from melancholy to enthusiastic.  There are no words that capture the profound healing that has generated in my heart and soul.  I have been to countless psychotherapists, tried every medication out there, and none of it comes remotely close to the change your unique, loving, insightful guidance has offered me.  You have also taught me that I can bet on myself and KNOW that if there is something which calls me I CAN and WILL succeed with it.  You are a brilliant light and I am beyond grateful.”
Elizabeth P.

“In the past I’ve never quite mastered the art of a disciplined, regular meditation schedule. I’d remember to meditate for a day or two and then be distracted by life, waking up in job mode, going to bed exhausted after a long day. I lived with little introspection. Over the past few months, with Meegan’s help, I’ve learned to take a few minutes every morning and every evening to slow down, sit down, close my eyes and travel inside. It’s now something I look forward to and can’t imagine living without. Meegan has coached me through various kriyas with unwavering warmth, support, and insight. I’m forever in her debt, and will forever be her student and admirer.”
Keith C.

After the death of my father, I felt lost as if a part of me had also passed on. I wanted to run away from life as a mother, wife, nurse and friend. I didn’t feel like I had the strength to carry on and honestly at times I really just didn’t want to. I reached out to Meegan, she allowed me to truly feel my emotions and voice my concerns, while being free of judgement. Meegan was my Earth Angel, she my voice of reason, always reminding me that I had the strength and to not give up. She reminded me “Anything is Possible” although I have heard these words many times it wasn’t until I was at my darkest that I could listen and learn. It was through this program that I let go of many hurts of my past. I learned to rewrite my story and finally for once in my life I didn’t feel anger towards my mother. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that makes me and I’m sure in heaven it makes my Mom happy too. I would get frustrated and Meegan would remind me to just allow what ever it was to surface, feel it and then let it go, When the time was right I was able to do just that. I was able to not only see and accept, but honor and acknowledged, a part of me, which has always waited in quiet desperation to truly be happy. At last through guided meditations, activities and the support of Meegan and our group I can say “Any thing is possible when you FOLLOW YOUR FUN”

Lori C.

A journey of self awareness and self love can be a daunting task. The Follow Your Fun Program gives you so many amazing tools to implement into your daily life to help guide you gently and lovingly on this journey. It can be so difficult and scary to dive deep and nourish your soul… however Meegan is so genuine, loving, intuitive and supportive I find myself now actually welcoming and enjoying the process that was once way too overwhelming. I am infinitely grateful that the universe brought this to me when it did. I KNOW I now have a collective group of people walking this path with me. Honoring, respecting, and loving me through all space and time. Thank you Meegan for this gift!!

Desiree F.

I honestly cannot say enough about the Follow Your Fun course and the positive way it has impacted me. The course is easy to follow and Meegan recognizes that everyone moves at their own pace and in their own way This approach creates an instant feeling that the way you traverse through life is respected and honored. The course prompts you to take small and simple steps which if applied daily can exponentially improve the quality of your life spiritually, emotionally and physically. I look at life with a fresh perspective and I also make decisions and take actions with more conscious awareness. I no longer spend as much of my life on automatic pilot and I know that will only improve as the information gets further integrated. I just completed the program last week but I feel if I were to begin it again now, I would get an entirely new and equally enriching experience from it. And that’s part of its beauty. You have it for life. I will be gifting this course to my daughter and needless to say, there is no greater endorsement I can give than that. This course is a simple yet very through means to give your life a fresh breath of air. And each time you go to it, it reveals deeper layers of self-love and motivation.

Lizzie C.

Over The Three + Weeks That We’re Together...

Over the three weeks that we’re together you will receive three emails right into your in box with the weeks instructions + implementation processes.

I will be available through the Follow Your Fun- FB group to answer questions and support you. We will address anything that comes up for you over the three + week program.

  • Setting up a sacred space
  • How to begin a meditation practice
  • You will receive a new meditation each Monday within the video
  • Processes and practices for identifying & shifting limiting beliefs + how to break unhealthy patterns & cycles stuck on repeat
  • We will reprogram the mind through creative, fun, inspiring practices.
  • We’ll tap into our inner child and pull out the playful, imaginative places in our hearts that were more recognizable when we were children
  • Daily activities you can do with your children, families, friends, and significant others to reconnect and disconnect from technology for a few!
  • Learn how identify patterns of self-sabotage and stop them once and for all to finally have the life you deserve!
  • You’ll learn how to get clear with what you want, claim it, and create a plan to get there.
  • You will learn what to do and how to get through when you bump up against fear and resistance in your life.
  • All while having a total and complete blast! It’s through following our fun that we learn to ride the waves of our passion while they lead us into our full and highest human potential.



Because I love you so much, you’re going to receive so many extra special bonuses when you sign up for Follow Your Fun!

All access to our private FB group where all the action goes down. Here, you’ll meet your soul siblings and connect with a community of like minded next-level, amazing people. This is a supportive, loving, safe & sacred container.

Free crystal bowl sound healing meditation when you click HECK YEAH, I’m in! (This you receive right away to your inbox).

You get extra BONUS content through the FYF-FB group. You’ll wanna be on these live calls but just in case you miss them they’re available through the group FYF-FB page. The content you receive is specifically tailored to the energy of the group.

Also, when you sign up you’ll have access to this amazing content for life + any modules added after the point of your sign up, you get those too! You can choose to go back and revisit any week or any bonus live content in the FYF-FB group for a little extra pick me up when you feel you need it.



Hey guys, I’m Meegan of Sunshine Holistic Wellness and the creator of the Follow Your Fun online course. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I am a certified Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Breath teacher as well as a Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Sound Healing Practitioner. I am passionate about helping people step into the highest versions of themselves and always love themselves unconditionally along the way.

What is Follow Your Fun?

Follow Your Fun is the practice and path of self-mastery through self-love and acceptance. Allow me to explain what that means to me and how this program came to be.

There came a point in my journey I recognized I wanted to make changes in my life. I wanted to be a better mom to my son, a better friend, daughter, sister, aunt, and all-around a better, more present, version of myself.

I wanted to be able to commit to myself, to love myself and to always be the person who showed up for herself- NO MATTER WHAT- and for many years I tried to force these changes into existence. For a while I would do well and then, I would end up reverting to my old ways of reacting to everything life served me.

Feeling like a fraud and abandoning myself over and over again led me to the realization that I needed a new approach, a gentler one. And I began to try something new, instead of trying to force change on myself, I practiced accepting who and what I am, in every moment by bringing more love, compassion and acceptance to everything I was doing.

Through this and other small shifts in my approach, which I share with you in the course, I began to see lasting and transformational change. It wasn’t through force or will that it was happening, it was through compassion, self-love and acceptance. That’s when I finally began to love myself through my darkness and back into my light, my full light.

This is how the Follow Your Fun online course was birthed. And I’m here today to share it with as many people as possible because it’s helped me SO much in my own life!

Here’s a deeper look at what we’ll be exploring in the course:

Week One FYF: In week one we lay the foundation to create a successful, resilient, empowered mindset. We’ll go over 8 different processes that I’ve implemented into my own life over the last decade that have helped me remain strong in the face of adversity and committed to constant daily effort on myself. These processes that I teach in the program are highly effective, insightful and uplifting… I’m super excited to share them with you!

Week Two FYF: In week two we talk about energy, alignment, and working within your unique flow zone. We discuss intuition, and how to recognize where you are vibrationally. We’ll learn how our own emotions serve as guide points for the direction our emotional GPS is taking us. And how to redirect quickly if need be. You’ll learn to discern high frequency/ low frequency, resonance and non-resonance as it pertains to you specifically. And you’ll have activities each week to help you in these areas.

Week Three FYF: In week three we’ll discuss what to do when you bump up against fear and resistance. When you’re committed to growth and reaching your highest potential, like I know you are if you’re reading this… you’re going to bump up against this repeatedly. We go over how to identify the stories our mind tells us and create new ones, how to recognize and re-wire old limiting belief systems and change self-sabotage patterns so that we don’t stay in an endless cycle of doing the same things over and over expecting a different result.

Week Four FYF: Week four is a brand-new module where we tie weeks 1-3 all together and go deeper into intuition, vibration and frequency. You will learn specific exercises to develop your intuition and hone your extra sensory gifts. You will practice locating your home frequency and how to maintain your vibration despite what is going on around you. We will go deeper into the study of energy and how we are made up of certain frequencies and vibratory patterns. We will learn how to keep our vessel (body) properly tuned for the highest possible outcomes.

There are tons of bonuses, such as meditations, journal prompts, inner child activities and a supportive Facebook group where you’ll meet other like-minded individuals.

One of the best gifts this program has given me is the ability to respond to life rather than react to every little thing. It taught me that there’s truly power in a pause and how to love and accept ALL parts of myself as they arise. From the course, I’ve learned how to flow with life rather than resist and fight it.

I can’t wait for you to join me in the Follow Your Fun Online Coaching course… where you’ll learn to love and accept yourself while getting the most out of life!

Love + Peace + Sunshine




Have Questions? I Have Answers!

I’m super busy what if I can’t do the program now?

No worries, once you purchase the FYF program you’ll have lifetime access to the material.

I’ve never taken a digital course before, do I need technical skills?

Not to worry sunshine, you will have all the instructions delivered directly into your inbox and its as simple as opening an email. Nothing more.

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